What we do

Business Lines

PRECO’s business lines are based on 4 axes:

The following four lines of action make PRECO a benchmark and strategic company in fulfilling the objectives of circular economy and reduction of carbon footprint.

National and international commercialization of machines of Flash Pyrolysis

Self-promoted or co-promoted facilities for waste recovery

Integrated solutions for ad hoc implementation, for companies, consortia or public entities for waste recovery

Commercialization of liquids and other products resulting from the process (wood vinegar, aluminum, etc….)


PRECO sales its industrial waste recovery plants for both national and international markets, providing turnkey solutions. We follow a rigorous process since we first contact the client until we deliver and commission the industrial plants.

If the client doesn’t have personnel to operate the industrial plants, PRECO also provides training to clients’ teams despite their location.


Our objective is the promotion and operation of 2nd generation biofuel plants, which will be fed with the refuse fraction of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), Non-Hazardous Industrial Solid Waste, among other input materials.
There is also the possibility of jointly promoting the installation of our industrial plants, under different forms of collaboration between companies.


Our commercial offer goes beyond selling or self-promoting our industrial waste recovery plants. PRECO offers integrated solutions that adapt and complement our clients’ needs. Specifically, we strive to guarantee the profitability of our industrial plants by integrating all the required elements. These lines of action are focused on:

• Commercial management
• Obtaining SRF raw material (Plastics, biomass, etc ...)
• Sale of produced liquids
• Project Structuring (Analysis of alternatives in Waste Supply, Suitability of Location, project consulting, ...)


PRECO gives final clients the possibility to manage the saling of products resulting from the pyrolytic process, through different commitments with the end users. We ensure the sale of the following products:

*Bioliquid and biofuel
*Renewable fuels of biological and non-biological origin:
*Wood vinegar
*Pyrolysis oil

What we do