PRECO’s objective is to be a benchmark in the sector of the material recovery of waste, obtaining sustainable second-generation products of high added value, through a strong commitment to quality, environment and sustainability, as well as to R&D&i, intrinsic values of its activities.

PRECO aims to use technology as an element for the company impulse and evolution, ensuring the optimization of resources and promoting the circular economy.

PRECO's technology is mainly based on the thermochemical process called pyrolysis, significantly different from the incineration process, widely used in waste disposal. Pyrolysis refers to the thermal decomposition of matter, carried out at high temperatures in inert atmosphere and, therefore, with no combustion. This process allows to obtain various products with high added value, promoting a circular economy, based on the recovery of matter and energy from waste instead of dedicating it for landfill. Incineration implies the complete combustion of the matter to be treated through chemical oxidation in excess of oxygen. It obtains exclusively thermal energy, and doesn’t allow the recovery of matter.

Within its business strategy, PRECO establishes quality, respect for the environment, R&D&i activities and continuous improvement as its core values in answering the actual social demands for clean technologies and sustainable products.

PRECO production systems are summited to the following quality standards, certifications and homologations showing the aforementioned commitment.

NORM UNE:ES 9001:2015, related to quality management systems

NORM UNE:ES 14001:2015, related to environmental management systems

NORMA UNE:ES 166002:2014,
en referencia a gestión de la I+D+i.

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

OHSAS 18001


International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) (, in accordance with the European Directive 28/2009/CE on Renewable Energies, in reference to the compliance and verification of the environmental sustainability of certain products, and throughout their complete chain.

Committed to the following essential values: