Reduction, Reuse and Chemical Recycling


, a leading company in

circular economy projects.

Our Zero Waste policy makes of PRECO a strategic ally of high value for our area of location, promoting sustainable development in the region, producing zero polluting emissions for the environment.

Our values

Circular economy

Circular economy refers to a system of using resources where the reduction, reuse and recycling of elements prevail.

Zero Waste

By following a Zero Waste policy, our technology efficiently recovers a huge part of rejected materials (plastic, paper, wood, cardboard...) that currently go to landfill or incineration.

Sustainable development

We are committed to innovating and creating lasting jobs in our areas of location.


Respect for the environment is essential to give an answer to the social demand for clean technologies.


Pretreatment of waste


Pretreatment of biomass


Thermal pyrolysis


Mobile plant for military use


Commitment con el medio ambiente


Our commitment to the environment lies in waste recovery: the use of resources contained in waste without endangering human health and without using methods that may cause harm to the environment.